A typical Aquarius, Marios is a progressive thinker, keen on big ideas and ambitious projects, and capable of delivering them! He is a visionary, a free spirit, and mentally independent. The truth is he usually gets off the beaten path to follow a track of his own! He is in a constant state of spiritual excitation, always discovering new stuff, developing new, original thoughts and opinions, and (almost always) breaking free from convention!


He holds an MBA and has been building a successful career in business for the past 21 years. He has cooperated from a leading position with major multinational and Greek companies, including DIAGEO, JUMBO, F-FOKAS, PLANET HOME, etc., and has worked with them towards important goals and achievements!


His goal is to make lemon8 widely known and established among the public as a company of integrity, prestige and reliability, providing innovative, quality services.