Evangelia is a communicator, with a talent for coming up with new, innovative ideas-projects, and always managing to bring them to fruition! Her inherent curiosity pushes her into learning and discovering new things all the time! She is insightful, intuitive, sharp and communicative!


Her sense of humor is one of her major assets and a puzzler for those who first meet her! She is an outgoing person, as long as she is intrigued to express herself. She loves her cat (Rico), traveling, and defending her freedom through her mental state of being.


As for lemon8, she has a say and gets involved in everything (being the big boss and all), but besides this, she is (almost completely) responsible for the conception, design, development and implementation of Innovative Food & Drink Projects. She is an expert in Food & Drinks Blogging and Digital Food & Drinks Marketing!


Finally, Evangelia fully comprehends that there is no reaction without action, and without reaction she simply cannot make a case nor create! As simple as that!