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When you are looking into a retail strategy and planning ideas, you must first answer this question: why should a customer show interest in our product and our business in general?


This is a crucial question to which every Retail Manager should have a clear answer! Failures in the retail industry are mainly due to bad ideas, not bad execution!


Here in lemon8, we believe that retail strategy must be very simple to explain, and should start with: a. customer needs; b. meeting their needs better than any other competitor; and c. create loyal customers.


A store/point of sale requires integrated planning and a marketing plan that will start from the product mix sold, product classification, price range and store layout, ending up to an in-store advertising plan (labeling).


Here in lemon8, we have long experience in Retail Consulting and we can develop and apply custom-made solutions to help you unlock the formula for increasing your profitability, retain your existing customers and attract new ones (despite increasing competition), while addressing current challenges and future opportunities!


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