the story behind our story.

lemon8 is an idea! A new, refreshing and efficient idea, stuck deep inside the head of our founder and our talented colleagues!

we deliver.

We develop and implement strategies that help companies take full advantage of their potential.

Always strive for better work. Never stop!

We are always committed to our (your) goals, and work towards the best possible result!
We are game changers

We like to change the rules, procedures, strategies, organization and management of corporate functions. We are different and proud of it!

We think simple

Most times questions are complex and the answers are really simple! What you need is a simpler “version” approach. And we’ve got it!

Ahead of our time

We like to keep up with current events around the world. We watch, read and listen to anything “fresh” around us! We like to stay ahead!

Long experience

Our long experience makes us your most trustworthy and powerful ally. Delivering the best results, this cooperation will be a great experience for all of us!

Speed and reliability

We are living in a time of speed and reliability! Developments run at lightning speed leaving no room for deficiencies, oversights and delays! Together we will “run” in safety!

Passion for innovation

We seek to create something different, new, and fresh! We are always driven by our passion for innovation! Do it first or don’t do it at all!

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    Anything "fresh" and worthwhile that intrigues us is posted here!

    happy together.

    We love diversity, innovation, originality and authenticity! Let’s create together!